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4Kg Mulberry Silk Inserts

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  1. 4Kg Mulberry Silk Inserts Duvets/Quilts/Comforters [SKU: SH-MFD-00007]

    4Kg Mulberry Silk Inserts Duvets/Quilts/Comforters [SKU: SH-MFD-00007]

    SilkHolic mulberry silk filled duvets are inserted with 100% long stranded mulberry silk and come along with a 100% cotton white strip shell. 

    All SilkHolic mulberry silk insterted comforters are hand made. It will take 1~3 business to manufacture a silk quilt and another 3 business days to be shipped out. Worldwide free shipping and 30-day money back policy.

    Shell Fabric: 100% cotton, soft, smooth, gentle, non-irritating to human skin, strongly skin-friendly and suitable to be used in all seasons. However, if you prefer a 100% mulberry silk cover, please shop one HERE.

    Fillings: 100% long stranded mulberry silk. 

    International Certification: OEKO-TEX Standard 100

    Notes: Please always use a removable cover to protect the inner from stirt and stains. 

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1 Item(s)