Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania, 80% of mulberry silk products in your local store comes from here!

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Silk Fabric Printing Services

1. Digital Print and Screen Print Comparison

How To Find The Best Printing Way For your Design ?

So we can choose the printing method:

1) If QTY is over 200 Pcs /color , We suggest you to use Screen Print to make the price down and the printing quality well

2) If your design is very complex, like paintings, photos, we have to use Digital Print

3) If QTY is smaller, less than 100 Pcs, We have to use Digital Print

2. How to choose silk fabric?

We have many different type of silk fabrics for Silk Dress, Shirts And Scarves . Here are some Major Ones:

3. Why Same Silk Scarf Have Different Price?

Many Client told us,when they send a inquiry, they can get a very low price, which really made them confused. Here we would like to explain the Major Points. Same silk of different quality can have very big price difference.

All In All , Lower price must lower quality ,Middle to high price may be a good choice

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