Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania, 80% of mulberry silk products in your local store comes from here!

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Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Dear Customers,

Thanks and welcome to visit!

Success face the music, failure scared by taking consequence. 

As a well-established social responsible company, we've always beening brave to shoulder our responsibilities. 

Environmental Protection

We respect our nature!


We soften the natural hard water to improve the product quality and hand feel during raw fiber washing, dyeing and garment washing process.

Our used water is biologically purified before being returned to the environment, and is subjected to chemical and physical analyses to certify the environmental sustainability of our processes.

Poverty-relief Projects

We cherish our suppliers!

Protect silk farmer’s benefit by securing a bottom purchasing price with them, fulfill the gap if market price is higher than bottom price.

Offer jobs to the silk farmer’s family and the poor people.

Corporate Compliance

We cherish our employees!

We never employ kids under 18 years old. Our employees work 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week.

All employees are supposed to sign a formal labor contract, we pay labor insurance for all of them.

Every year, we offer twice physical examinations to all our workers and their family members. Female employees have one year's maternity leave.

Volunteer Activities

In order to encourage employees to contribute to society, we pay three times the salary of the employees who participate in the volunteer activities.

As a devout Buddhist, our CEO also participate in person in social activities like fundraising, tutoring, teaching and so on.

We aim to serve the society, human being and the entire environment with our pious heart. There is still a long way to go, we will keep walking and never stop our pace.

They Say You Are Successful,

While I Care About Your Sweat And Tears.


Pamper You With The Finest Love.

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